Women’s Arm In The Air Signals She Is Ready To Order

“Oh, looks like she is ready, glad she let me know”

In a local Cafe this morning, area woman Sonya Burns (32) has debuted her latest technique in getting the waitresses attention, “The arm in the air”.

Similar to the clicking of fingers, this maneuver is not only bold but also cutting edge.

“I’d already asked her if she’d like to order 3 times,” said Cafe employee, Jemima Keyton (20) “My job would be so much easier if people just signaled when ready to order, with either clicking of fingers, a sharp squeal or the arm in the air”

Using the arm in the air signal, active-wear clad Sonya and her cronies were able to order their skinny piccolo’s and return to their hyena-like conversation about spin class this morning with relative ease.

Author: Herbert ‘Herb’ Greengate – Editor-at-Large.

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