Tracy Grimshaw Announces “Hoon Cheese” Range

“People need to be more aware of all of the bloody hoons out there who pollute this great nation with their raucous behaviour - and what better way to spread the word than a cracking Aussie pun”.

Tracey Grimshaw

Well known Gen-Y hater, and intrusive door-knocking journalist, Tracy Grimshaw, has just announced the “Hoon Cheese” range, aimed at raising public awareness about a disease that is plaguing Australian society: young people.

The ‘A Current Affair’ host, has campaigned against reckless car, festival and nightclub hoons for many years now, and is extremely excited to have another soapbox to stand on.

“Burnouts, swearing, voting green – you name something reckless and disrespectful and they’re doing it” said the queen of biased television.

We asked Tracy where she got the inspiration to partner up with Coon Cheese (CC) for this remarkable campaign:

“Well I was reading in the Daily Telegraph that there is an 87% chance that a hoon will stab you over the next 5 years” she said, during a shaky camera editing session at the Channel 9 studio.

“And I thought to myself – enough is enough. The hoons have had it too good, for too long, and I called up my mate who works at CC and ‘Bob’s your uncle’ – Hoon Cheese was born,” she added, proudly twirling her misshapen hair betwixt her gnarled claws.

According to the press release, every packet of Hoon Cheese will have an informative pamphlet attached, with information on how to spot, deal with, and if worse comes to worse: kill a hoon, should they attempt to wear a singlet or rev their Holden near you or your loved ones.

More to follow.

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