Soufflé – Was This Dish Created Just To Fuck With Us?

The dark art of the hospitality industry, pastry, boasts a variety of villainous dishes, none more tyrannical than the fickle Soufflé.

The question we pose; are they out to get you? Studies show that the French people are quite prickish and the Australian chef is to them, a bad smell wafting from one’s shoe.

9 out of ten scientists agree that the French culinary community “really have it out for everyone” and that they created the Soufflé just to fuck with you.

We sat down with renown French chef, Allain Passard, who had this to say;

“Va te faire foutre [Fuck Off]” he sighed, cigarette dangling and dual-suitcases beneath his eyes. 

Needless to say, the humble Soufflé is quite a complex dish, and we here at The Shallot commend anyone who enjoys whipping one up. Whoever that may be.

More to follow.

(Author: Parsley Adams – Editor-in-Chief).


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