REPORT: Grubby Pub Toilet Still Best Place To Rack Up

The CSIRO published a report today outlining that a filthy toilet at your favorite local is still the best place to knock back a few snow soldiers.

Outranking such classics as the glass table, a frantically taken down wall mirror and the back of a smartphone, a disgusting pub dunny is Australia’s favourite place to ingest the Peruvian dancing dust.

“Nothing will ever beat cramming into a cubicle with your supervisor and tipping a few nose schooners” said one local Barback.

“There’s just something about the smell of stale piss and fresh shit that makes a swift line of booger sugar even better,”

“That and the sound of someone blowing chunks like it’s goin [Sic] out of fashion.”

More to follow.

Author: Parsley Adams – Editor-in-Chief. 

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