Redfern Ibis Population Drops as Local Vietnamese Restaurant’s Soup Special Soars in Popularity

“The community has been shaken to its very core”.

Author: Basil Howard – Writer & Lead Designer 

The quaint suburb of Redfern was shrouded in mystery today as statistics were released and published online by the CSIRO, revealing that the population of the local Redfern mascot, the Ibis, had declined steeply – much to the dismay of local residents, who can often be overheard speaking fondly about the avian variety.

Analysts revealed, within an updated Fluid Ibis Population Index (FIPI), that Ibis numbers have dropped in the local area for the year 2015-16, with nearly 80% less bin chickens charmingly wandering the streets, when compared to the last reading which was conducted in 2009.

“In hindsight, I don’t think everyone fully realised how good we had it – those little street phoenixes brightened up my day, rain, hail or shine” said local Housing District resident, Darren Powell.

“My bins just don’t look the same without a beautiful, snowy Ibis perched upon them” he lamented.

“The community has been shaken to it’s very core”.

Key researcher for City of Sydney Council, and black beaked bird population expert, Dr Donald Smith, said that the “findings were concerning” as the projected outcomes for next years survey suggested that the Ibis could be wiped out completely from the area.

“I have to choose my words carefully, however there have been allegations made about Thang’s Vietnamese Restaurant which are currently being investigated,” said Smith.

“It is concerning to think that there are people in Redfern consuming one of the areas most delicately feathered and admired residents – knowingly or otherwise,” he added heavily.

Local vietnamese restaurateur and winner of Menulog’s prestigious 2 star food safety rating, Thang Nhuc Phong, was unavailable for comment despite The Shallot’s repeated inquiries and intrusive visitations.  

More to follow.

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