Gordon Ramsay Spotted In QLD Telling Cyclone Debbie To Fuck Off

Author: Parsley Adams – Editor-in-Chief. 

Gordon Ramsay has taken a brief break from his Australian sojourn to wander into a nearby field and yell “Fuck Off” in the general direction of Cyclone Debbie.

“I mean, what the fuck does Debs think she’s doing – I was halfway through tossing a crepe when I saw this big great bloody cyclonic mess outside the window – not in my kitchen!” Gordon bellowed, while sharpening his knife.

“What a piss poor excuse of a cyclone – hang up your gusts and fuck off Debbie, what a fucking terrible excuse of a car flip!” he finished, his creased forehead furrowed with anger.

It was alleged that Cyclone Debbie was reduced to tears and ran from the field ashamed of her efforts to wreak havoc.

More to follow.

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