George Calombaris Launches The Hummus Flavoured Zooper Dooper

“It’s high time the humble chickpea had it’s day in the sun - or freezer, if we’re getting technical ” said local greek, George Calombaris.

Author: Parsley Adams – Editor-in-Chief.

Forget raspberry, watermelon and cherry: the freezers at both Coles and Woolworths supermarkets are currently filled to the brim with the latest brain child from tzatziki spokesperson, George Calombaris – the Hummus Flavoured Zooper Dooper – an ice block like no other.

According to those close to him, it was the mission of this athenian knight to break the mould and produce something truly remarkable.

“It’s essentially just watered down hummus that has been blessed by a greek economist, and then frozen” said the baklava enthusiast.

“But when you’re producing a new flavour of ice block, simplicity is a positive. The chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon and olive oil are blended with just the faintest hint of national debt, making for 70ml of cosmic (and greek) flavour” he furthered.

“This is the first step in Greece’s 12-step plan to become a world superpower once again” added the 12th cousin of aristotle.

A spokesperson from the Big Bash League (BBL) approached the Shallot and provided us with the following statement:

“I couldn’t think of a more suitable sponsor for the BBL” said spokesperson and dip efficinado, Greg Humphrey’s.

“If there are any two things that go hand in hand, it’s cricket, ice and hummus” he continued.

“This is something the whole nation has been waiting for with baited breath, I’m so glad that Australia finally has the Zooper Dooper it deserves”.

Despite having created the new 8th wonder of the world, George isn’t stopping here. He’s currently working with the CEO of Space X and TESLA Motors, Elon Musk, on a secret project known only as “Greeks on the moon”.

More to follow.

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