George Calombaris Pays Back Workers In Drachma

Author: Parsley Adams – Editor-in-Chief. 

Local Greek, George Calombaris, has been sweating it out over the ruling which stipulated that he must pay back $2.6 Million. However, being the crafty little bastard that he is, George consulted with his lawyer, Theo Constantinopolis, who has solved all of his financial woes.

“So I was looking at the books and then it just occured to me – they didn’t specify which currency we had to pay those snot-nosed hospo workers with! So I got straight onto the phone with the Greek treasurer and he said he’d be more than happy to fire up the old mint and get a few Drachma going for me” said Theo, his face covered in Tzatziki.

“They’ll be all like ‘what the fuck is this? A dead currency? Are you fucking kidding me Theo?’ and I’ll be like ‘talk to George about it, mate’ – it’s the perfect plan!” he added, his buttons bursting.

We approached George for comment but apparently there’s bad reception on his Yacht.

More to follow.

(Image Source: Kristian Gehradate)

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