Franklins Store Managers – Where are they now?

Author: Parsley Adams – Editor-in-Chief.

Once upon a time in Australia, the humble Franklins Supermarket reigned supreme. Coles and Woolworths execs trembled at the mere sight of the white and red “F” which shone like a beacon across countless low-income suburbs.

That golden era, sadly, has passed, so we caught up with former Franklin’s store manager, Keith Parker, to get the inside scoop on what happened to the friendly neighbourhood hero’s that kept our black and gold vanilla ice cream, cold.

“To be honest, I don’t think there are that many of us left – the support groups set up by the Australian Government could only help so much” said Keith.

“But we keep our chins up – one of us even snagged a 2IC gig at an IGA recently!”

“Only took him five years!” he jibed.

We hit the streets of Epping, Sydney, to get a better feel for how the area was doing after losing their crown jewel.

“We’re doing ok, it was really hard for the first few years there but you get used to it” said area man, Greg, tears glistening on his cheek.

“Not all hero’s wear capes, and I think that speaks volumes when you consider what those guys did for the community” he added.

Another streetwalker had this to say when we stopped her:

“My mate Joe actually used to run one around the corner from me!” said local, Jade, nostalgia sparkling in her eyes.

“Until he hung himself of course”.

The Shallot have agreed to donate $1 from every advertising spend this month on the site to help the former Franklin’s Store managers get back on their feet.

More to follow.

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