Fuck What The Doctor Says – Nonna Knows It’s Because You’re Not Eating Enough

“He always looksa so skinny”

Local man, Tommy Alesso, a third generation Australian with strong Italian roots has been admitted to hospital this week having been diagnosed with acute kidney failure, although, some are skeptical of the Doctor’s diagnosis, none being more vocal about it than Tommy’s Naples born Nonna, Giada.

While Giada herself does not have a PHD in Medicine herself, she is confident she has come to the correct diagnosis.

“My boysa (sic) not eating right, that’s the problem!” Giada said, having to have a bit of a sit, due to the dramatic nature of her heritage “He always looksa (sic) so skinny”

Having spent a large portion of her earlier years in the Campania Region, she believes that a rather large helping of ‘Spaghetti alla Puttanesca’ will be the cure he so sorely needs.

Giada was last seen entering the intensive care unit with a large pot under one arm and a basket of bread in the other, screaming ‘Sono tutti sbagliati!’

More to follow.

Herbert ‘Herb’ Greengate – Editor-at-Large.

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