Curly Parsley Shortage Cripples Competition BBQ Industry

Australia’s competition BBQ industry is at a stand-still due to a nationwide curly parsley shortage.

Pitmasters everywhere can be seen wandering the streets of Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide, tongs in hand, their beards less plump than usual.

“How am I supposed to present a 12-hour low and slow brisket without a styrofoam container full of pube parsley?” cried one meat maestro.

“I mean, since the dawn of man, BBQ has been served on a bed of fresh curly-P – and I’ll be damned if I even look at another succulent pork rib until this crisis is over” he added, beard trembling.

Concerns around the judges being unable to understand what they’re looking at without a vibrant green backdrop have been raised.

“I once tried offering up some sticky beef ribs without it and one of the judges got confused had a full-blown seizure.”

Inside sources tell us that the last few available crates of petroselinum crispum have been purchased for the 2017 Australian Brewery Kingsford Invitational BBQ Food Fest, to be held at 8.00am, Sunday 26th of November at the Australian Brewery Hotel.

Author – Parsley Adams – Editor-in-Chief. 

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