BREAKING: Sussan Ley Accused Of Upsizing Her Big Mac Meal On Taxpayer Dollars

Witnesses allege that Sussan strolled in wearing a fine mink coat, shouting “Mumma wants her Mac!”.

Author: Parsley Adams – Editor-in-Chief. 

After it was revealed that Health Minister, Sussan Ley, had duped the Australian Taxpayer and absconded to Brisbane to purchase an $800,000+ home, most assumed that the scandal was over – they were sorely mistaken.

In a Shallot exclusive, we have learned that the plot indeed thickens, with heinous allegations surfacing which place the minister at Southport McDonalds (QLD), upsizing her Big Mac meal with tax payer dollars.

Witnesses allege that Sussan strolled in, donning a fine mink coat, shouting “Mumma wants her Mac!”.

After pushing her way to the front of the line Sussan began to berate 16 year old, Timmy Tilbert, demanding that her Big Mac patty be cooked medium rare.

“I was terrified, she had this money-crazed look in her eyes and she just kept saying ‘don’t hate the playa, hate the game’ said pimply teen, Tim.

Another McDonald’s patron has alleged that Sussan, after being asked if she would like to upsize her meal, elbowed the elderly male customer next to her and grinned “Sure, why not? He’s buying!”.

“You’re alllll buying!” she screamed, cackling at the in-joke that would soon be everyones to enjoy.

The Shallot has it on good authority that Sussan did not put her 20c in change into the Ronald McDonald charity box.

More to follow.

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