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Gordon Ramsay Accused Of Sexual Potency

November 14, 2017 TheShallot 0

TV Chef and modern-day heartthrob, Gordon ‘that’s fucking burnt’ Ramsay, has today been accused of sexual potency. Amidst a slew of recent allegations in Hollywood, ranging from Harvey Weinstein to Lous C.K, it is now […]

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George Calombaris Belts A Horse This Time

November 7, 2017 TheShallot 0

Celebrity Chef, George ‘porgey’ Calombaris, today struck a horse, yet again unable to contain himself at a sporting event. Coming to his own defense, the souvlaki king claims that the equine creature “was looking at […]

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Report: Nations Pilot Lights Lit AF

October 25, 2017 TheShallot 0

A recent study conducted by the respected CSIRO has deduced that over 85% Of the nations pilot lights are ‘lit as fuck’ as we speak. “It was a real surprise, to be honest,” Jeff Cousins, […]

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