AC/DC Drowned Out By Bloke Eating Kettle Chips

“Back in Black isn’t even that good,”.

Author: Parsely Adams – Editor-in-Chief

It was during their hit song “Thunderstruck” that Aussie rock band, AC/DC, were interrupted by the loud and disruptive chews of a local idiot who had decided to crack open a bag of notoriously crunchy Kettle chips during the concert.

Reportedly, Bevan Myalls, had smuggled a packet of Salt and Vinegar crisps into Acer Arena, and was keen to “get his kettle on”. Witnesses allege that the crunching sounds were so loud that the band couldn’t even hear their own instruments, despite being one of the loudest live acts in the world.

“How am I supposed to melt the hearts and faces of my fans if I can’t even hear my bloody guitar” said adult school boy, Angus Young.

Needless to say, the fans present were enraged, and began to boo and hiss as their favourite band paused to figure out if it was an earthquake shaking the stage.

Myalls however, seems oblivious to the gravity of the situation, “Everyone just needs to kettle, wait sorry, settle down! Hahaha,” he joked.

“Back in Black isn’t even that good,”.

More to follow.


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